Q:What is your name? What is your favorite color? What is the airspeed velocity off an unladen swallow?

Matthew. Burgundy. African or European? (See, my nerd creds are in order :)

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Q:OMG Matt wears the hippest jeans! Matt, where do you get your stylin' leg threads?

this is hilarious. ummmm, rugged warehouse? where do you get yours?

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Q:Good Foot Dance Company, what is your favorite species of South American arboreal sloth living or extinct?

going to have to go with pygmy 3-toed...

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Q:If you come down to the Celtic Festival of Southern MD on 4/28/2012 I will be teaching Breton spiral dances on the dance stage in the morning. Susan

Cool! I teach and have a performance that day, so probably cannot make it down. Ah well. Sounds Like fun...

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Q:Good Foot Dance Company, do the soles of your shoes ever melt or catch on fire because you're dancing so fast and so awesomely?

Not yet, but the night is young!

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Q:I'll .stop calling you Mattie if you'll call me James. Deal?

Why should you stop calling me Matty? Or Mattie... It's a nickname :)

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Q:Where do you go to find new music?

The Grapevine?

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Q:Hi Matthew! Hope all of you are doing great!

Thanks O! All well. Save the date for Vaudevival v2.0 June 30th and July 1st at Dance Place!

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Q:Hi Matthew, I hope all is well...

Thanks! All is crazy busy but well.

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Q:Hey, Matthew:

My apologies for not being in touch about gigs, but it's still in my plan. Here's a video of our Brevard gig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcaU26_P2XI Hope u & Emily are great.

thanks jamie! hope to see you soon...

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