Q:Do you have a cd with your rendition of summertime or old time religion on it????

Hi Carol!
Glad you liked my versions of these songs!
I do not have them recorded per se, however, I may have a few verses of OTR from my live show that will be coming out as an album later this fall/early winter. I'll make a note and send you a link to the cut when it's ready :)

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Q:I have something over a thousand pics from IceHouse. I got most of the video, too, if not all; there was a zero-byte file that I'm unsure of; I don't know if it was a quirk or a period of the recording that got corrupted, anyhoo, do you want this stuff? -TWHB....

Absolutely! Thanks!
Let me know howI can get it. I can set up a drop box account if that's easiest.

Replied on 12/16/2017 Google+
Q:Oh, bummer. I went to the RenFest LAST weekend and can only afford that place once a season so I'll miss you. Bring an umbrella. Supposed to rain all weekend. ☹️

Bummer indeed but I hope you had a great time there!
Hopefully, the rain won't be too bad -

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Q:Hi Lojo,
Just want to say we really enjoyed your show Thursday night at the Jay bar in Davenport. Wish we could've stayed longer, but Bobbi had to work Friday (and we're old). Love your take on cover songs and especially like the originals

"Love your take on cover songs and especially like the originals"
That means a lot to me coming from another musician.
Thank you Jim.

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Q:Hi Lojo,
We really enjoyed your show Thursday night at the Jay Bar in Davenport. Wish we could've stayed longer but Bobbi had to work Friday (and we're old). We don't get out much but we'll find you again, now that we have your schedule.
- Jim & Bobbi

It was nice to meet the two of you as well! I appreciate that you took the time to check out my website - it's nice to know the "Live " is as good as the "Memorex"

Have a great rest of your summer!

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Q:Hey Lojo,
I am getting a pillow made for my wife with the lyrics of "Fire" on it for our 2nd anniversary. Do you happen to have them available. I can't seem to find them anywhere online. This was our wedding song!

This beautiful song (and one I am honored to perform) was written by a good friend of mine and will always be known as "the most beautiful song I never wrote". Congratulations on your anniversary ~ Lojo

FIRE: words and music by Michael David Matheny copyright 1992

as you slowly close your eyes when you're drifting off to sleep.
shrouded in a veil of blue floating in unchallenged peace.

as you lay there by my side I run my fingers through your hair.
afraid to fall asleep tonight for fear i'll never wake again.

the sandman wins the fight at last. can i join you in your dreams?
we talk of love and raising children, our hopes and fears and dreams and needs.

so take my hand again my love. we'll light a candle to fill this darkened room.
lay your head against my chest and dance with me `til the morning comes.

let your fire be my insight / let your fire light my way
let your fire give me shelter / let my water ease your pain

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Q:Just send you an e-mail. Are you still going to be at the Star Bar tomorrow night, Feb 1, 2017? The people at the bar say no, but your web site still says yes.

Really looking forward to seeing you again.

Sorry, Denny thought I took that down.
Thanks for the heads up!

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Q:This is Rich and Shelly (met you at Tycoga). Just wanted to say again how much Shelly and I enjoyed your original songs and original interpretations of popular songs. You helped greatly to make our day enjoyable! Can't wait to see you in Galena on November 11 & 12!!

Hello! What sweet words - I'm so glad you like my music. I enjoy what I do and I guess it shows :)
I certainly look forward to seeing you in Galena (pssst...I only play on Friday night Nov 11)
Take care and enjoy!

Replied on 09/29/2016 Google+
Q:Hi Lojo! Sure enjoyed listening to you in Galena's Grape Escape. I drank too many martini's. Yikes!

there's no such thing as too many martini's ;)

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Q:I caught your performance at UofI today and loved Fiona's Ocean. Can you upload or send a copy. Great song! Really enjoyed listening today. I really needed a little pick me up today and came upstairs to catch some sun outside but your performance was way more recharging for me. Thank you! sberglin@Hotmail.com

Hi Sam,

Thanks so much for writing and I'm very glad you liked my music. I really enjoy what I do and it always makes my day to know that someone listening enjoyed it too.
I was looking thru the computer and can't find a recorded copy of Fiona's Ocean (a recent crash has caused me to lose a number of files). I will be going back into the studio in the next couple of weeks and when I do I'll make sure I record Fiona's Ocean. I will send the MP3 to your Hotmail account.

Thanks again and take care,

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