Q:No question...just wanted to say we met you at The Grape Escape in Galena in June and hope to pop in to see you at Cup of Joes in Cedar Falls Weds. of Ragbrai!!! Still pondering Ireland trip also! Tammie and Steve

Hi Tammie! Hope you and Steve are having fun on RAGBRAI - what a great event!
Good luck and maybe we'll see you at the end of the ride? I'm playing in DeWitt (at Tycoga Winery) on Sunday if you're sticking around.
Take care, safe travels,

PS. We are offering a discount on the Ireland tour package price during Irish Fair MN the weekend of August 7,8,9 - just mention you'd like the IFM Discount.

Replied on 07/23/2015 Google+
Q:June 20-26 and September 2-11, 2015, I'll be in Minneapolis. Will you be performing anywhere near there then?

I first saw you perform when I lived in St Paul in 11/1993-9/1995. Now, that was a long time ago! And, you're still performing, congratulations!

Hello Karen!
You're the one in Germany, right? I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support after all these years - danke!

After reviewing my Calendar it looks like the ONLY night I"ll be performing anywhere near Minneapolis is Sept 11 in Stillwater (about 40 min east of the Twin Cities) at Charlies Irish Pub (this will be a solo show, not a Hounds of Finn show). I don't know if that will work for you seeing as how it's the last night of your stay but keep an eye on my calendar - you never know what might come up :)

Safe travels ~ Lojo

Replied on 06/16/2015 Google+
Q:Can you like farmboyz on facebook

Done and Done!!

Nice to meet you..."Rusty"!

Replied on 06/16/2015 Google+
Q:Hi Lojo - I tried to update my email address but t only let me add my new one. Can you'd delete my old email address which curtisloretta@att.net. ? Thank you! Loretta simonet

It must've automatically edited your eddress cuz I can't find the old one.
Thanks for keeping in touch!


Replied on 04/27/2015 Google+
Q:No question.... just saying hi.. Thanks for letting me participate in the weekend festivities.
-Dave L

Great seeing you, too, Dah-yeh-veh ;)
And thank you for the (wow) awesome purchase of my entire discography - that was very generous of you.
Hope you like the music. Send me your e-ddress and I'll send you a couple of downloads of my old Irish band - free bonus!

Replied on 03/17/2015 Google+
Q:From April 6 to April 17, 2015, will you be singing in the Mpls-St Paul area?

That is, I'll be there then (coming in from Germany), and it would be great to hear you sing!

Happy 2015 soon,

Karen Lunde

Ahrgh! I'll be in Mpls the weekend before - Cats Laughing is getting back together for a concert at Minicon then I head back to Iowa on Monday - rats!
Um, if you'd like to spend a leisurely 6 hour drive along the river to Galena IL I'll be playing at The Grape Escape on Saturday, April 11? Sorry, that's about the best I can do.

Wishing you a very merry new year and safe travels! ~Lojo

Replied on 12/31/2014 Google+
Q:Thanks for the download Lojo! Have a great New Years!

Your Welcome - and a very merry New Year to you!

Replied on 12/30/2014 Google+
Q:HI-do you do private birthdays-play at birthday parties or specials like that?

thank you

Hi Kerry,
Yes, I play private parties. My fee is based on time and travel. If you're interested in discussing this more please feel free to contact me at info@lojorusso.com.
Thanks! ~Lojo

Replied on 12/02/2014 Google+
Q:OK, I give up. I wake up in the morning with your tunes in my head from No Scars No Stories! I can't get all the lyrics from the cd though and they aren't in the sleeve. are they available anywhere?

Hi Gretchen,
I'm glad you like the album but feel for your frustration. Is there a particular song. I could publish the entire songbook (which I really must do sooner or later) but, unfortunately, I had a computer meltdown awhile back and lost everything. Maybe this is the motivation I need to start my music recovery. :)

Replied on 12/02/2014 Google+
Q:I want to hear you sing. Then I will become a fan and buy your music.

You are always welcome to listen to my music page at www.lojorusso.bandcamp.com - I have 20 years of music streaming on that page. If you mean hear me "live"? Well, then all I can do is point you to my gig schedule www.lojorusso.com/gigs.html and hope you live somewhere near where I'm playing. And if my gigs are not anywhere near you then I humbly request you tell me where you are and I'll do my best to get a gig in your area.

That's the best I can do, Anonymous,

Replied on 06/16/2014 Google+