Q:HI-do you do private birthdays-play at birthday parties or specials like that?

thank you

Hi Kerry,
Yes, I play private parties. My fee is based on time and travel. If you're interested in discussing this more please feel free to contact me at info@lojorusso.com.
Thanks! ~Lojo

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Q:OK, I give up. I wake up in the morning with your tunes in my head from No Scars No Stories! I can't get all the lyrics from the cd though and they aren't in the sleeve. are they available anywhere?

Hi Gretchen,
I'm glad you like the album but feel for your frustration. Is there a particular song. I could publish the entire songbook (which I really must do sooner or later) but, unfortunately, I had a computer meltdown awhile back and lost everything. Maybe this is the motivation I need to start my music recovery. :)

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Q:I want to hear you sing. Then I will become a fan and buy your music.

You are always welcome to listen to my music page at www.lojorusso.bandcamp.com - I have 20 years of music streaming on that page. If you mean hear me "live"? Well, then all I can do is point you to my gig schedule www.lojorusso.com/gigs.html and hope you live somewhere near where I'm playing. And if my gigs are not anywhere near you then I humbly request you tell me where you are and I'll do my best to get a gig in your area.

That's the best I can do, Anonymous,

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Q:I hope I get to see you before November at Charlie's. May have to take a road trip to Iowa. Pray for me. :-)

You are a kook. ;p

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Q:How are you my little star??? Love hearing you are doing exactly what you love .... making music! Would love to hear you in concert....do you ever get to sunny CA??? Merry Christmas to you!!!! Cousin Kathy

Howdy Cuz!
Funny you should mention that. I'm actually working on a west coast tour right now - mostly Northwest (WA & OR) with a stop in CA on my way up to see my brother in LA and Dad in Santa Cruz - probably around the week of Jan 12. If I am able to put something together near you I'll let you know - or maybe one of your girls would like to host a house concert? :)
Love to everyone! ~Lojo

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Q:Lojo, My girlfriend Katie and I recently saw you in Stillwater at Charlies pub. We were the only one's there that didn't know you prior to that. Maybe you remember us, my girlfriend was very pregnant. Well not only did we absolutely love your music and have a blast but our little one was dancing all over in mama's belly. We bought a CD and brought it home and listen to it often, especially "FIRE". Anyway we were curious on if you ever play at weddings. We are planning on getting hitched in the near future and have been wanting live music and we both fell in love with you and your music. It wouldn't be for about a year or so but we were just curious if that was something you would ever be interested in. Please email me back and let me know! Have a very merry Christmas and a happy holidays to your family. ~ Cory Dunn (cory_dunn@msn.com)

Hello Cory and Katie,
I totally remember the two of you!
I'm so glad you enjoyed the show and the music. As for performing at weddings that is something I have done in the past and would be interested in doing for the two of you. Keep me in the loop when you have a date and let's see what we can do.

Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

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Q:Hi. It's Kelli. Just met you @ RME! I LOVE YOU! You make music fun.

Hi Kelli,
It was great to meet you, too! I hope to see your band play sometime.

I'm glad you enjoyed the show. Even when I'm doing my grown-ups gig I have fun cuz my motto is:
If you're not having fun, stop what you're doing and do something else!


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Q:if its not too private..just wondering how you make money

thank you..

Hi Karen,
By your eddress I'm going to assume you are also a musician.

I'd like to answer your question but first maybe you could tell me why you're asking; like, are you just starting out and hoping to make a career out of music and looking for some guidance? or assurance that money can be made in this business?


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Q:Now that " house concert " idea sounds like something I could pull off at my home. I need to toss that idea around a bit and get back to you.
s. Knight

If you've never been to one I suggest checking out this link: http://www.concertsinyourhome.com/resources/forhosts.html It'll give you some ideas about what they are and what you can do.
I would be in your neck of the woods the first part of February and could make you part of my swing tour home. FUN!! ~Lojo

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Q:I'd love to see you in Arizona sometime. Any travel plans to my side of the world ?
I am the " MOM " of Mark Meleski . I listened to your wonderful songs during Mark & Jodi's wedding and reception this month.

Sharon Knight..... Scottsdale, Az.

Hi Sharon!
It was wonderful to meet you at the wedding. You've got a fine boy there, and he's married a great gal.
I'm so glad you like my music! And funny you should ask. I'm planning a west coast trip for after the new year and plan to gig from Seattle to Temecula (LA, CA).

If you have a favorite place (winery, bistro, coffeehouse) where you go to listen to music let me know. Or maybe you could sponsor a house concert?

Thanks for the question and Hope to see you again soon!

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