Q:how many hours do you spend like writing and practicing a day

Hi Karen,
That's a great question but a hard one for me to answer.

I am constantly writing, though it's rare that I'm sitting down and concentrating on one song for very long and even more rare when it's done the first time I write it down. Generally, when I'm writing a song I may sit with it for 10 minutes to an hour and I'll revisit it over and over again until I'm happy with the result. For instance; Jasmine Wind took almost 15 years to complete whereas, Undone, (a song off the new album) took about 15 minutes.

As for practicing - if you're asking this question in order to influence yourself or someone else to practice more or less often it I would like to stress that it doesn't matter how often I practice. What matters is that YOU practice as often as necessary to become the guitar player you want to be.

Write. Practice. Repeat.

Good luck,

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Q:Please come back to the denver area, i havent seen you sense i lived in the twin cityes at the half time rec, with the tim malloys.

Hi Adam - thank you for asking, I'd love to!!
As a matter of fact, I've got a few shows lined up this July. Nothing in the actual Denver area but I have shows in Ft Collins, Grand Junction (not Denver at all, I know) a house concert in Del Norte and my personal favorite, Festival In The Clouds in Alma (south of Breckenridge). Like I said, not technically in the Denver area but at least I'm in Colorado ;) I hope you can make one of these shows and when you do I hope you will introduce yourself. It's always nice to hook up with people from the Twin Cities when I'm out of town.

You can find dates, times and venue info at http://lojorusso.com/gigs.html

See you when I get there,

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Q:What's the cover charge for your June show at the 318 in Excelsior?

Hi John,
The cover is only $5.
Well worth it, don't you think?

See you when I get there!

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Q:No questions, just congrads. All my love dad

Thank you, Papa.
This was amazing and I can't wait for you to hear the new album!

all my love back atchya ~L

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Q:How many cd's have you made and what are the names of them?

That's a good question! It depends on what you define as "CDs I've made".
My personally produced CD's are thusly and in order of appearance:
Understated, Dreamlifecolour, Stoic Abandon, Little White Box and the soon to be released, No Scars, No Stories.
Then there's the CDs I've done with my bands - in order of band appearance:
Cats Laughing>> Cats Laughing (self-titled debut), Another Way To Travel
Gallowglass Irish Trio>> No Irish Need Apply, Taking On Water, Hello Farewell, All Our Best and some bootlegs
Lojo Russo & Funks Grove>> Live Goats Watching, The EP, Albuminium Blue and Lick the Blarney
I've also appeared on side projects with a number of other musicians like Lorraine A Malena's, "Mirror, Mirror", the Flash Girls', "Play Each Morning Wild Queen" and I recall a tune on Adam Stemple's, "3 Solid Blows to the Head" but that may just be wishful thinking. Hmmm... seems I've done a bit of this in my day, yeh?

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Q:Hoping the next Minnesota event will be soon. :-)

Oh great and powerful wizard... check my schedule ;)
My next MN shows are in June - is that soon enough?

See ya when I get there!

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Q:HI..I am a musician and play violin..is there a chance to be able to just jam once? I don't read music..i just play from my soul. thank you Kerry

Hi Kerry!
Are you in the QCA? I have a regular show at the RME the first Thursday of each month from noon-1p (Live Lunch) - bring your fiddle! ~Lojo

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Q:Why shouldn't you text in bed? hee hee..... Cuz you might crash! Ha ha ha ha!

When I woke up this morning my girlfriend asked me, 'Did you sleep good?' I said 'No, I made a few mistakes.'

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Q:How are you? I couldn't submit my name/zip without writing a question.
Happy St Patrick's day!!

I'm dong great thanks for asking. Hope all is well with you, too!
Looks like we both survived the holiday.

See you when I get there!
~Lojo #=OQ

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Q:When are you coming to MN again? Missed you at a St. Patricks or Valentines Day celebration.

Hi Tom,

You haven't missed me yet - I'm coming to St Paul for St Pats this Saturday afternoon.
However, If you miss me this weekend I'll be back in June!


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