Q:I'm new to the QCA (from NJ) and looking for things to do within the LGBT community! Seeing you play is on the top of my list! Where will you be playing in the warmer months?
Peace~ Joan Ervin

Hi Joan!
Welcome to the QCA! Funny thing is, I'm kind of a newcomer myself (MN) but I know there's a few things to do around here. We have many organizations and events like the Red Ribbon Dinner in Jan and QCPride in June.

Of course the MCC church is always a good place to start to meet and become part of the community. And as for gigs, well I'll be on stage at the QCPride Festival this June as well as wineries all over Iowa (who knew we could have a "grape" season?). If you're looking ahead to planning out your summer please make your way over to my website - you can click to my schedule and see what I've got planned for the rest of the year so far.
Here's the links - happy hunting! ~Lojo
This link is a nice article by my hometown LGBT press about our fair cities:

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Q:Are you gay you are so cute!

Thanks for the question!
Um...Yes and, er...Thank you?


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Q:It was great to see you at Merlin's Rest last week!

Thanks - what a great time, yeh!

Don't forget, I'll be back to play the Dubliner on Saturday, March 16th at 3:pm
That's 9pm in Ireland... never to early to get your Irish on!

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I hear you also have an awesome rendition of The Holly and The Ivy. Have you thought about an acoustic Christmas CD with just your solo voice and guitar? These are great!

I do have a groovy rendition of Holly & Ivy. And yes, I have thought about a holiday CD. The problem is I have so many projects I want to do I tend to spin my wheels a bit. Currently, I'm focused on the new CD. Then, hopefully I'll have some freetime this summer/fall to work on the holiday stuff for next year.

Hi and Happy all of it to both of you! Hugs from me!!!

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Q:Hey Lojo, Glad you are doing well. I was the chair of the Duluth-Superior Pride committee back in 95 or 96 that booked you.

Howdy Cowboy,
Wow, has it been that long? I was actually trying to play there this year but wasn't able to get in.
Hope all is well with you and next time I'm up your way please stop by and say hello!

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Q:Hi Lojo, again.

Would love to have you come this way sometime. Have you been to WNY? Great place to visit. (Niagara Falls). Would be happy to scout around for some places to play (Buffalo).


Aha! Yes, I DO remember you now. You were very gracious and I appreciated your enthusiasm of my music/performance. As for WNY I've only been as W and N as Ithaca.
Now, funny you should ask about shows...because I'm putting together a quick right coast tour for the end of October. The weekends are booked but I could use some mid-week shows.Are there any small music venues near you that you patronize? Or, maybe you'd like to host a house concert? Either way you are welcome to contact me at my regular e-ddress: lojo@lojorusso.com.
Thanks again Dave...and Todd!

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Q:Hi Lojo,

Just wanted to say hello, and also check out your memory skills. We met in Davenport last month. Been enjoying your cd since.

Dave (Todd)

New York

Hi Dave/Todd,
I'm a bit embarrased to say that without a more specific context I do not remember you. I hope you will forgive me since June was an incredibly busy month for me.
Be that as it may - I want to thank you again for buying my CD and I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm hoping to do some shows on the right coast this fall and maybe I'll get close enough to Tonawanda to say hello. (Know of any good places for me to play?)
Peace. ~Lojo

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Q:Hi Lojo....Your FB page says your DSM Art Fest concert starts at Noon. The art fest schedule has you playing from 10AM to Noon. Can you let me know when you are performing? Thanks, Kate R.

Hi Kate!
Well, I realize that I"m a few weeks late with this answer and I can only hope that you were able to catch some of my show.
I wasn't aware that FB would used 'noon' as a start time when I had set it to TBA. My apologies for this schedule error. As a rule the venue website schedule is usually the accurate schedule.
In the meantime - if you missed me at the Art Fair I'll be at Ritual Cafe (DM) on Aug 10.
Take care ~Lojo

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Q:When are you going to have another album out girl? You are such a rock star in my world I just can't get enough of your music! My nieces and nephew have been Lojo-ized and are wanting more! ;o) #1

Wow! Very cool. My plans are to have something out by the end of this year or first part of 2013.
Thanks for asking ~Lojo

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Q:are you playing mpls/ st. paul area soon?

I'll be back in the Twins the first week of August.
3 Crows in Delano and Charlie's Irish Pub in Stillwater.
My full show schedule can be found on my Facebook music page [http://facebook.com/LojoRussoMusic]
Thanks for asking! ~Lojo

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