Q:I can't access your schedule of upcoming gigs. When is the next time you are playing in the Twin Cities area? Thanks!! Tami

Hi Tami,

Actually, I'll be in Minneapolis this Thursday at Merlin's Rest and in Mankato this Saturday at The Coffee Hag!

If you're getting my e-mails you can check the subject line for the states I'll be visiting each month. This month I'll be in IA, IL and MN.

If you're having trouble getting my schedule from my website you can check my facebook music page https://www.facebook.com/LojoRussoMusic.

Hope that helps and hope to see you when I get there! ~Lojo

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Q:I want to know the stories about what inspired these songs: 13 moons and You and I . . . I think your fans would also like to hear the story about what inspired Flying, which you shared at my party

Wow! Well 13 was inspired by the phrase 13 moons, which is a year's cycle. I am always awed by the moon and perplexed how someone who loves the light of the moon can be so afraid of the dark. I thought about the change my life had been thru (I finally left a 15yr relationship that was very hurtful and distrusting) and it just made sense to use the analogy to show the movement from dark to light.
u&i was inspired by my current girlfriend. She makes me so stupid happy sometimes I can't stand it! I can't imagine ever waking up without her beside me. The final verse was to poke her up cuz she thinks my renaissance days are silly so I had to use the -happily ever after- reference.

And you're right. I need to start sharing these stories with my fans and friends. I have a blog site and I'm revamping the website. I'll get these stories out there ASAP!

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Q:For an aspiring musician (13 year old guitarist) what advice would you offer?

Love what you do!! Music is a beautiful part of life and everyday I get to play is a beautiful day.
It's hard work and it takes a lot of practice but if you truly love what you do it's easy.
Good Luck and play hard! ~Lojo

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Q:You would be perfect for a show there. Here is their site: http://www.sixstring.org/

Thank you!

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Q:Favorite author?

Neil Gaiman
Emma Bull
Connie Willis
John Irving
so many others...

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Q:When are are coming back to Iowa?

I'm at the Brick Arch Winery (West Branch) tonight and I'll be at the Grape Life (Davenport) on April 14 and Cafe Fresh (Moline) on April 19. Hope you can make it to one of these shows! ~Lojo

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Q:Are you going to put Rock-A-Bye Baby on your next CD? I know you recorded it for my sister and the family, but it would be awesome if the whole world could hear it too!

I'm not ready to record a children's CD at this time but it will be included. In the meantime here is a link for the free download. Feel free to share it!

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Q:Not a question, but a HUGE thank you! The song you wrote for my sister "Rock-A-By" is one of the best songs ever! It has really helped me and my girls along with the passing of my mom. Thank you

Thank you SO much! I'm glad the song could bring some solace to your family. This song was written not for your sister so much as for your family.
peace. ~Lojo

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Q:Hi Lojo,

This is Arrrrrrrrrrrrrmondo's buddy Joe. Your Cd is great. I've listened to it a lot. When I lived in Columbus Ohio my wife and I used to go to Six String concerts.

Hola Arrrrrmando! So glad you liked the CD.
Thanks for the link to Six String - I'll give it go.
Happy New Year! ~Lojo

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Q:Hey, Love!
Listened to your cool CD on my drive. Great stuff. Such a pleasure to meet you. Keep in touch!
See ya 'round... Val

Hey there Valerie! It was great to meet you as well. Thank you for the CD - I listened to it on the way home. It was wonderful!

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