Q:No tour schedule?? If there is one I cannot access it.
Love your music. Want to find where you are performing. Heard you at Kerrville. 13 moons is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard.

HI! First of all thanks for remembering me. 13 Moons is one of my favorites as well - thanks you for your wonderful words.
My tour schedule is on Reverbnation and sonicbids - but it looks like I should consider putting up on Fanbridge too!
My regular e-ddress is Lojo@LojoRusso.com.
Thanks! ~Lojo

Replied on 09/27/2011 Google+
Q:When will you be anywhere near Nashville?
Can you be interested in giving a house concert? Terms?

I met you at kerrville

As a matter of fact, I'm planning on touring the southeast in 2012. I don't have any dates set yet but if you have a date in mind I would love to talk more. PLease contact me thru my regular e-ddress Lojo@LojoRusso.com.
Thanks! ~Lojo

Replied on 09/27/2011 Google+
Q:No questions, just wanted to say I love your stuff! It was great meeting you at CON and I can't wait till I get to see/hear you again.


Replied on 07/21/2011 Google+
Q:Have you ever heard of Venus Rising? It's a shamanic group out of NC and your music would align well with them. (I'm associated with them through Minnesota)

Cool! I tried to look them up but there seems to be a lot of that in NC?! Send me their link. Maybe we could do something down the road - that'd be sweet. ~Lojo@LojoRusso.com

Replied on 07/21/2011 Google+
Q:We want you BACK! how can I persuade you to do another show at Merlins Rest! Give me a call at your convenience 612-232-7416 Cheers

Hi Tracie! I know, I want to come back but I'm already booked out until the end of the year. Let me know when you're ready to look at your 2012 calendar and we'll make a date!!! ~Lojo
612-327-0001 or lojo@lojorusso.com

Replied on 07/21/2011 Google+
Q:Hey Lojo, Just wondering if you have any plans to make it to Mpls? We miss the old neighborhood (longfellow). Would love to see you perform.
Rhonda and Lezlie

Hi kids! I'll be back in MN this March 24-26 with stops at Merlins, Coffe Hag and 3 Crows in that order. Check out my schedule at www.LojoRusso.com nad hope to see you there!

Replied on 12/08/2010 Google+
Q:Ok, where ya going to be Lady? Missed the Grapes of Life and here it is Oct. 19th already.

Sorry you missed the show. Looks like the next time I'm in Davenport is Dec 4th - at the Grape Life. You can always find out when and where I'm going to be by checking out my website www.lojorusso.com. Until next time,

Replied on 10/20/2010 Google+

I promise I' will check it out soon! Thanks for the heads up :)

Replied on 10/19/2010 Google+
Q:Hear you for the first time at the Riverssance and immediately bought your CD. Great stuff Lady. We both love it

Thank you so much! Its always fun to see someone excited about my music. I'm glad you liked it and hope you enjoyed the rest of your day as well.
Come and see me at The Grape Life on Oct 2 - nothing like fine wine and good music on a Saturday night. ~Lojo

Replied on 09/20/2010 Google+
Q:Hiya Lojo! Bruce here tryin ta find you!! Wanna play at Four Kingdoms Renaissance & Pyrate Faire once more Oct 9th & 10th? Would love you being there, even if it's just a cameo. bruce_eyton@yahoo.com

Hi Bruce,
I might be able to come out for a day.

Replied on 09/10/2010 Google+